How can you offer unlimited space?

We don't want you to worry about disk space, let us worry about that so we don't have a disk space limit, however, you can not have more 100.000 files wich should be enough for most of the websites.
The hosting platform was built such away we can add additional hard drives if the space is low.
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How long until my account is active?

The account will be active within a few minutes after payment confirmation.

Does SimpliQ offer me a control panel to manage my website?

Yes, SimpliQ offers you cPanel, a very popular control panel that helps you to manage very easly...

Do you offer WHM acces?

No, for the moment SimpliQ doesn't offer WHM acces, WHM beeing a specific control panel for...

How can I pay after the 6 months free period is over?

15 days before the expiration of the 6 months free period, you will receive the invoice for the...